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How to choose the right tape for sealing moving boxes

April 3rd, 2014

Are you moving house or placing items into storage and looking for the best way to seal your boxes, ensuring your belongings remain secure in transit?

Choosing the right tape to seal your packing boxes is important. Using the wrong tape could cause your boxes to open, leak or even fall apart, causing damage to your valuable possessions.

We have heard of people using a number of different types of tapes to seal their boxes, including duct tape and masking tape. However, these tapes are not ideal for securing cardboard boxes. Firstly, although duct tape is very strong, it does not withstand changes in temperature so may come away from the box. Masking tape is not strong enough to hold heavy loads which means your boxes may collapse under the weight.

What is the best tape to seal packing boxes?

The best tape to use to seal moving boxes is brown packing tape.

Brown packing tape is strong and waterproof to withstand heavy loads in your boxes. Packing tape also offers long-lasting adhesion to keep your boxes sealed securely for a long time – especially important if you’re placing items into storage.

As the boxes may be in a removal van overnight or even in a cold storage unit long term, it is important to use packing tape as it can withstand changes in temperature.

Although packing tape can be applied by hand, it is easier and quicker for you if you use a tape dispenser gun to seal your boxes.

To buy your strong packing tape, click the link below:

Packing Tapes

Strong packing tape for sealing boxes


Why you need to pack a survival kit to move house

March 19th, 2014

In the stress of moving house, many people forget to pack their survival kit. The survival kit should be the last box(es) to be packed on the removal van and the first boxes off.

A survival kit should minimise stress levels on your moving day, and the first few days after the move, as your essentials will be close at hand, allowing you to settle in quickly with the minimum of hassle. If you’re arriving at your new home late at night and can’t be bothered to start unpacking, a survival kit is an absolute must!

Survival kit boxes

What items should be in your boxes of essentials?

  • Cleaning products to get the kitchen and bathrooms in order
  • Kettle
  • Tea bags, coffee and milk
  • Snacks that require little preparation and takeaway menus
  • Disposable plates and plastic cutlery
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Bedding
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Toilet paper and kitchen roll
  • Binliners

If you are moving with children, ask them to pack their own box of essentials such as toys so they can settle into their new home quickly.

For you, don’t forget to include a bottle of champagne and some glasses to celebrate your first night in your new house!

Big Brown Box recommend that you set aside some large heavy duty packing boxes to use for your survival kit. Remember to clearly label the survival kit boxes and keep them back to load onto the removal van last.



Moving house in London and need packing boxes?

March 5th, 2014

Packing boxes for moving houseAre you moving house or flat in London and looking to buy packing boxes for your move?

If you’re about to start packing to move house but not sure where you can buy packing boxes in London, Big Brown Box can help you.

We stock a wide range of heavy duty double walled packing boxes which are ideal for moving house. As the boxes are all made from double wall corrugate, they are not only strong enough to protect your possessions but can also be stacked on top of each other to maximise the space in your removal van.

The boxes are available to buy in packs of 5 or 10 but if you’re not sure how many boxes you’ll need, why not buy one of our complete home moving kits?

Big Brown Box have put together a range of moving kits, containing all the packing boxes and accessories you’ll need depending on the size of your house. Whether you’re a student moving flat or live in a large townhouse, we have the right kit for you!

The moving kits contain a range of heavy duty packing boxes in a variety of sizes, packing tape to seal your boxes, bubble wrap to protect your possessions when in transit, marker pens to label boxes and the Box-Buddy handle cutter to make lifting and carrying heavy boxes easier.

What if I need the boxes quickly?
We despatch orders the same day (if ordered before 3pm Monday – Friday) on a next working day service and our couriers deliver direct to your door in London 6 days a week meaning that you can guarantee no matter when you ordered packing boxes, they will not take long to arrive and you can start your packing in plenty of time.

To buy packing boxes in London, click the link below:

Packing Boxes For Moving In London


Our New Big Brown Box Site

January 29th, 2014

Looking for high quality, low cost packaging?
Earlier this week, we launched our new website to make buying our packing boxes and packaging supplies easier than ever before, no matter which device you’re shopping on.

In the Big Brown Box shop, you will find our range of cardboard boxes including complete house and office moving kits, packing box packs, wardrobe boxes and archive boxes as well as our extensive range of packaging supplies including bubble wrap, furniture covers, packing tapes and paper packaging.

We also now have available a selection of Mail Lite bubble-lined envelopes which are a great alternative to cardboard boxes when posting items. Another addition to our product range is the Box-Buddy™ box handle cutter. Exclusively sold by us in the UK, the Box-Buddy™ is an innovative tool to cut C shape handles in cardboard boxes, making it much easier for you to lift and carry boxes when moving.

MailLite White Envelopes

Mail Lite White Bubble Envelopes

Are you starting to plan for a house or office move?
Here at Big Brown Box, we know that with a seemingly never ending to-do list, moving house or office can be a stressful time. Therefore, we have put together a collection of guides containing our top moving tips and advice to make the move as stress free as possible for you.

Hopefully you enjoy using our new site. If you have any feedback on our new site, we’d love to hear from you by email.