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Advice on Placing Items Into Storage

If you are downsizing or moving into a temporary home until you get the keys to your new permanent home and are putting some items into storage, you should follow this advice:

  1. Choose the storage company carefully. Make sure the storage facility has good security in place so you know your belongings are safe. The units should also be clean and tidy with good pest control measures in place. The storage facilities should also be accessible when you are likely to need access (it may be best to look at a self-storage unit, come of which can be accessed 24/7).
  2. Wrap items that could be damaged in storage. Upholstered items including sofas, armchairs and mattresses that could be affected by damp or dust should be wrapped in sealed protective polythene covers to prevent damage.
  3. Get hold of good quality cardboard boxes. It is easier to stack boxes on top of each other if they are strong (preferably double walled) and all of similar size.
  4. Wrap any fragile or delicate items. Any items that you are concerned could break or be damaged while in storage should be wrapped in bubble wrap or foam wrap. Any space in the box could be filled with loose fill chips to stop the items moving in the box. It is also useful to mark the outside of the box so you can see easily which boxes contain fragile items.
  5. Pack boxes to capacity. Fill the boxes to full capacity as this will help you use the space in the storage unit to full potential. However, do not overfill the boxes above the maximum level as this will prevent them from stacking. Remember though that you will probably have to move the boxes so do not make them too heavy. Also, large items should be packed at the bottom with lighter items on the top.
  6. Use a cardboard wardrobe to store clothes. If you are placing clothes, shoes or handbags in storage, you should use a cardboard wardrobe to store them. These sturdy boxes come with a hanging bar so your clothes do not crease and will remain in shape.
  7. Label the outside of boxes. So you can locate items in the storage unit quickly and easily, it is helpful to label the outside of the boxes with a marker pen, clearly marking the contents of each box.
  8. Seal the top of the boxes. Sealing the top of the boxes with packing tape ensures that your contents are secure inside as well as keeping any dust from getting into the boxes.
  9. Think about the layout of your unit. When putting items and boxes into the storage unit, put items that you are not likely to need regular access to at the back of the unit. Boxes containing items that you may need things from should be easily accessible at the front of the unit. It is also helpful to lay the unit out so there is a gap allowing you to get down the middle of all the boxes.
  10. Stack the boxes carefully. Make sure that the heaviest boxes are stacked at the bottom with the lightest boxes on the top. This stops items potentially getting crushed. The content labels should also be clearly visible.

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