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Why do cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes?

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Ever wondered why your cat is always attracted to cardboard boxes no matter how many toys you buy it?

This week, scientists have solved one of life’s great mysteries and revealed just why cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes so much.

If you’ve just recently moved house and have some cardboard boxes left from the move then don’t throw them away – especially not if you have a pet cat!

There are two main reasons as to why cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes (and other tight spaces) for up to 18 hours every day.

Firstly, by hiding and sleeping in cardboard packing boxes, the cats are hiding away from stress and will be more relaxed as a result. According to researcher Claudia Vinke, ‘‘hiding is a behavioural strategy of the species to cope with environmental changes and stressors’’.  In the wild, these small hiding places would have provided shelter from prey but for a family cat, the cardboard boxes provide shelter from an unwanted stroke from doting owner!

As reported in 2006 by the National Research Council, the second reason cats love sleeping in cardboard boxes is simply that they are warm and cats love warmth. Heavy duty cardboard packing boxes from Big Brown Box provide an excellent warm, draught free environment for your cat as they are made from double wall corrugate for an extra layer of insulation!

So if you’ve got some spare moving boxes lying around then leave them for your cat but remember, if you find your cat sleeping in them, don’t disturb them as they will probably not want you anywhere near them!

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Cats sleeping in cardboard boxes

Our New Big Brown Box Site

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Looking for high quality, low cost packaging?
Earlier this week, Big Brown Box launched our new website to make buying our packing boxes and packaging supplies easier than ever before, no matter which device you’re shopping on.

In the Big Brown Box shop, you will find our range of cardboard boxes including complete house and office moving kits, packing box packs, wardrobe boxes and archive boxes as well as our extensive range of packaging supplies including bubble wrap, furniture covers, packing tapes and paper packaging.

We also now have available a selection of Mail Lite bubble-lined envelopes which are a great alternative to cardboard boxes when posting items. Another addition to our product range is the Box-Buddy™ box handle cutter. Exclusively sold by us in the UK, the Box-Buddy™ is an innovative tool to cut C shape handles in cardboard boxes, making it much easier for you to lift and carry boxes when moving.

MailLite White Envelopes

Mail Lite White Bubble Envelopes

Are you starting to plan for a house or office move?
Here at Big Brown Box, we know that with a seemingly never ending to-do list, moving house or office can be a stressful time. Therefore, we have put together a collection of guides containing our top moving tips and advice to make the move as stress free as possible for you.

Hopefully you enjoy using our new site. If you have any feedback on our new site, we’d love to hear from you by email.