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Bubble Wrap (750mm x 10m)

Product Code: INT43-31ELPERF

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Bubble Wrap (750mm x 10m)

Needing bubble wrap to protect fragile items?

Are you faced with the task of transporting fragile possessions when moving house? Do you have to items of value that need protected in your packing boxes?   

Buy AirCap Bubble Wrap to protect your fragile possessions.

Bubble wrap is the most used packaging material when moving house as it offers a high level of protection against scratches, breakages and other damage, and guarantees your items are fully protected during your move.

Big Brown Box only stock AirCap Bubble Wrap. AirCap is not your standard bubble wrap as it’s barrier sealed to provide longer lasting protection and better cushioning to prevent your valuable item from harm when in transit.

This 750mm wide x 10m long bubble wrap with small 10mm bubbles is ideal if you have wide items to wrap including pictures, mirrors and widescreen TVs.

You can also use the bubble wrap to provide a protective layer between items in boxes or to lay on the top of furniture to protect surfaces.

To fill gaps in your boxes, the bubble wrap can be ‘scrunched’ up to prevent your items moving inside the box. This gives ultimate protection to your possessions.

What’s more, bubblewrap is a great stress-buster for you during the move and the kids will also love popping it before you send it off to the recycle bin!

AirCap Bubble Wrap Details:
- 750mm wide x 10m long 
- Sold in sheets of 10 metre lengths
- Small bubbles (10mm in diameter)

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We are specialists in home and office moving boxes, packaging and supplies.

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