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Foam Wrap

At Big Brown Box buy your foam wrap before 2pm Monday-Friday for next working day delivery.

Foam Wrap

Looking for Protective Packaging to Ensure the Safety of Your Possessions While Moving?

Do you need to transport your fragile and valuable possessions from A to B? Are you looking for a way to protect your belongings from the bumps and knocks suffered when in transit? Are you worried that prized, irreplaceable items may be damaged in transit?

The answer is easy; buy a roll of foam wrap to protect your possessions. Foam wrap is a flexible, lightweight, and non-abrasive protective packaging material that can be used for packing a number of items, including items of varying sizes. Easy to cut and shape, foam wrap is perfect for protecting items of varying delicacies. It can be used in conjunction with other packing products to improve the protection given to packed products.

You can use foam wrap to layer items in boxes which is especially useful for packing fragile items such as crockery, vases, and china. With our foam wrap, you won’t have to worry about opening up a packing box to find a damaged or destroyed piece or chinaware. Useful for putting in between individual plates and other kitchenware, it will stop sharp impacts and reduce cracking and chipping of crockery.

Foam wrap is also perfect for protecting delicate electronic goods. When transporting LCD/Plasma screens, a common occurrence is for their screens to become scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged. By protecting the screen with soft foam wrap padding, you mitigate the risk of screen scratches. Foam wrap is appropriate as it is nonabrasive and will not do any damage itself to the screen.

Foam Wrap Your Way to a Safe and Happy Move

As foam wrap is designed to absorb knocks, it is also great for packing larger items including TVs/computer screens as well as pieces of wooden furniture. This works both ways; not only does it protect the furniture in transit, it will also protect walls and fittings from taking any damage from furniture while it is being relocated. By padding sharp edges and corners, you reduce the chance of leaving dents and welts.

Not sure exactly how much foam wrap you need? You can easily cut the foam wrap roll to suit the exact size and shape of the items you’re packing. Foam wrapping is something that will be useful multiple times, so buying a full roll is something that will help across multiple packing occasions.

Not the right protective packaging for you? View the full range of protective packaging, including bubble wrap and paper packaging. No matter what your need is, we will have a solution for you. There’s no need to look any further than Big Brown Box to fulfil your packing and packaging needs. With competitive market prices and next day delivery available on certain orders, you will be hard pushed to find a better offer or a more knowledgeable company.

Praise for Big Brown Box
  • “Spot on delivery. We're quite remote here in Wales but you still managed a next day delivery well done.”
    D Henry, Wales

  • “Very happy with my boxes, bubble wrap and home moving kit. Thank you!”
    Mr Shepherd, Luton

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