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How to Choose The Right Moving Boxes

Moving boxes come in a number of sizes, shapes and thicknesses and it is imperative you buy the right moving boxes to offer suitable protection to your belongings when moving house. The tips below outline important factors to consider before buying your moving boxes.

Choose between light duty and heavy duty moving boxes.
Light duty boxes are made from single wall corrugate and are great for use with lightweight items that do not require extensive protection. Light duty moving boxes are ideal for lightweight items of clothing or transporting your kids’ soft toys etc.

Heavy duty double wall moving boxesHeavy duty boxes are more practical for moving house. Heavy duty boxes are made from double wall corrugate with a BC fluting to offer a high level of protection. Heavy duty moving boxes are ideal for heavier items or items that require a greater level of protection when in transit. The other great advantage of using heavy duty boxes for removals is that they are strong enough to be stacked on top of one another so will save space in your removal van or storage unit.

Consider the size and weight of the items you’re packing.
Big Brown Box
 always recommend that you pack heavier items such as books, magazines and small appliances into smaller boxes and you should pack lighter items such as soft furnishings and bedding in larger sized boxes. This prevents the boxes becoming too heavy to lift and minimises the chances of the moving boxes collapsing under the weight. This is especially important if you are carrying out the move yourself – back pain is the last thing you want when moving house!

Is there a purpose made box for your items?
Here at Big Brown Box, we stock a range of boxes which are custom made for packing specific household items. Generally speaking, we always recommend using these boxes to pack your items as they offer the right protection to your belongings.

For example, cardboard wardrobe boxes are perfect for moving your clothes are accessories to ensure they reach your new house crease and crumple-free. Each wardrobe box can hold up to around 20 items of clothing on the hanging rail and has space at the bottom for storing shoes & accessories. If you are moving documents and files, we recommend you use the large archive boxes. These boxes can hold up to 12kg and are specifically designed to transport files, paperwork and lever-arch files. If you have disposed of the original box for your flat screen TV, we stock a range of TV moving boxes suitable for transporting your flatscreen TV. These boxes are have additional space in them to allow you to wrap and protect the screen.

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Praise for Big Brown Box
  • “Spot on delivery. We're quite remote here in Wales but you still managed a next day delivery well done.”
    D Henry, Wales

  • “Very happy with my boxes, bubble wrap and home moving kit. Thank you!”
    Mr Shepherd, Luton

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