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How To Clear Out Before You Move House

Moving house is the ideal time to sort through your belongings and have a clear out.

This can save you time and money as the more you try to take, the longer it will take you to pack and the more it will cost you!

Clearing out before you move also makes the process of unpacking much quicker and easier. You also don’t want to fill your new house with unnecessary items that cause clutter.

Hiring a skip is a cost effective way to clear out larger items from the attic, shed and garage. Clothes can be packed into bags and taken to a charity shop or a local recycling centre.

How To Ruthlessly Clear Out Pre-Move:

1. Start small. Go through and clear one room at a time – starting with a drawer or a cupboard

2. Sort every item into piles depending on whether you are going to keep them or not.

3. When you are going through your clothes, if you have not worn them in over a year - don’t keep them!

4. Do this job on your own. You don’t want someone interfering who may not be as ruthless as you and encourages you to keep things you were going to get rid of!

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