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How to lift heavy boxes when moving house

If you’re packing up your valuable possessions into boxes before moving house, it’s important for you to know how to lift heavy boxes properly to avoid injuries.

The majority of injuries are the result of carelessness and not following best practice for lifting heavy boxes. Knowing how to lift boxes properly will save you time and, most importantly, a whole lot of pain!

Big Brown Box has put together our top tips on safely lifting heavy boxes.

Tips on how to lift heavy moving boxes:

  • Get close to the box you’re lifting – The closer you are to the item you want to lift, the easier it is. Make sure you are standing directly in front of the item you wish to lift. Ensure you can lift the box without your arms being outstretched – the stress on the lower back increases greatly when the load is held away from the body.
  • Lift from your legs, not from your back – Bending at the knees is a crucial step in preventing back injuries. The best way is to position your feet shoulder width apart, stand up tall and tighten your stomach muscles. Squat to the floor by bending your knees without moving your upper body position.
  • Cut Handles in the Boxes – Handles make boxes easier to carry and minimises the risk of the boxes slipping or being dropped. Use a safety blade to cut 'C' shape handles in the side of the boxes.
  • Plan the lift – Plan the route you’ll take with the box and remove any obstacles or tripping hazards from the route. Before lifting, you should gently rock the box to test the weight of it. Injuries can occur when you underestimate the weight of the box.
  • Keep the weight balanced and level – Establishing and maintaining a balance will reduce unnecessary strain on your body. If it is not possible to keep the weight of the box balanced, make sure that the heaviest side of the box is always closest to your body.

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