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How To Pack You Bathroom For Moving House

Packing up the items in your bathroom isn’t that much different from packing up the other rooms in your house, you’ll find that you have a lot more stuff than you thought you had stored away in your cupboards and bathroom cabinets. All this stuff needs sorted before you start packing!

How should you sort out your toiletries and bathroom items?

When packing up your bathroom, avoid taking anything that can be replaced inexpensively at your new home. For example, dried up soap bars, used disposable razors and used toilet brushes can all be thrown away before you move.

Next, you should group the items together that you use on a daily basis including soap/shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and medicines etc and set to one side. Also set aside a towel and facecloth and pack these items into their own packing box. Make sure you clearly label the box so that your daily bathroom essentials are easy to access and readily available for your first night.

You should now be left with items that may be half used or that you like so much you cannot bear to throw them away. If you have two (or more) open bottles of the same product, combine these into one container. The next step is to ensure that any open bottles/containers you are taking with you are securely closed. A good way to pack bottles is to use large sealable sandwich bags to pack the bottles individually. This way, even if the contains do leak, they will not spill over other items in the box.  

You should then take care to pack items into the box carefully. Ideally you will have a packing box which is tall enough to allow you to stand the bottles up in the box. Fragile items such as mirrors, soap dishes or glass bottles should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in the box.

Any space in the box should then be filled to limit the chances of items moving inside the box when in transit. This can be done using any extra bubble wrap you have or by using towels/cloths that you want to take with you. The boxes should then be securely sealed and clearly marked as fragile.

packing a bathroom

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