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How to Pack Crockery Safely for Moving House

Moving house can be one of the most stressful events in life. Therefore, to minimise your stress levels, it is important to take every step possible to ensure your possessions reach your new house safely and in one piece.

Dinner plates and crockery sets are some of the most vulnerable items when it comes to moving house so extra care should be taken when packing these in boxes. Check out our step-by-step guide below to packing dishes.

So how should you pack crockery and china dinner sets for moving house?

1. Buy medium heavy duty packing boxes. Crockery can be heavy so when full, the boxes will be very heavy. If you have packed your crockery in large boxes, the boxes may be too heavy to lift. Therefore, it is best to stick to medium sized boxes that will not the too awkward or heavy to lift when full. To offer suitable protection to the fragile contents, heavy duty double walled boxes are best as these can take the weight and withstand any bumps suffered in transit.

2. Use bubble wrap to line the inside of your boxes. To provide a layer of cushioning for your crockery, line the inside of the packing boxes with bubble wrap. Ensure that you have covered the entire base of the box and have enough to line in internal walls too.

3. Wrap each plate in tissue paper. Each plate should then be wrapped individually in acid free tissue paper. Acid free tissue paper is ideal as it prevents moisture from building up which can tarnish or discolour china and crockery. We also advise NOT to use newspaper for this step as the ink is likely to rub off and stain the dishes.

4. Pack the plates into the boxes on their side. Plates should never be packed flat and stacked on top of each other. Packing plates on their side allows them to absorb more shock and stress without them being damaged. We recommend you place a sheet of bubble wrap between each plate.

5. Fill gaps in the box. Once the box is full of crockery/dishes, we’d recommend scrunching up the remaining sheets of the tissue paper and using this to fills any gaps in corner or sides of the box. This prevents the plates from moving inside the box when in transit. Before sealing the box, place a layer of bubble wrap over the top of the plates.

6. Seal the box securely. Make sure the box is sealed securely using packing tape.

7. Label the boxes clearly. Use fragile packing tape all round the box to ensure that the removal men (or whoever is carrying the boxes) know to be extra careful when handling these boxes. You should also use a marker pen to label the outside of the box with the contents and the destination room in the new house. This prevents the boxes getting mixed up when unpacking.

packing plates guide

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