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Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

Product Code: INT62-10A

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Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

Looking for a quick method of sealing boxes?

Are you looking for a way to make the packing process more efficient? Want to ensure your packing boxes are securely taped?

Buying a tape dispenser gun will make sealing boxes quick and easy.

When packing your possessions to move, it is essential for your peace of mind to know that your valuables are securely packed in boxes. The most secure way to seal the boxes is to use a strong packing tape.

Using a tape gun to dispense the tape is much more efficient than manually applying the tape. The dispenser guns have an easy to hold handle and the tape will peel off the roll when rolled along the box. The tape can then be cut using the serrated edge of the gun. All you need to do then is gently press down on the tape to ensure the box is securely sealed.

With the tape dispenser gun, you eliminate the need for scissors which can be awkward and you will never lose the end of the tape!

In addition, you can better control the amount of tape used on each box, minimising wastage.

The guns are compatible with all the packing tapes on Big Brown Box and the tightness of the gun can be adjusted to suit your exact needs.

We are specialists in home and office moving boxes, packaging and supplies.

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