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Postal Bags

At Big Brown Box buy your bubble lined envelopes before 2pm Monday-Friday for next working day delivery.

Postal Bags

Are you looking for a way to pack and protect small goods for mailing?

Do you need a cost-effective way to mail items ensuring they are protected from any damage in transit?

Buy MailLite bubble lined postal bags for an economical, lightweight and practical solution to ship items.

Big Brown Box stock MailLite bubble lined postal bags which are lined with AirCap bubble material which has a barrier seal to prevent air loss to offer long lasting, high performance cushioning to your products.  

The MailLite bubble lined envelopes are easy to seal so are suited to a busy packing department. Each envelope also has a tear strip so can be opened easily by the recipient when the envelope safely reaches its destination.

There are 10 sizes of bubble lined envelopes in stock for you to choose from. The box quantity varies depending on the size of the envelopes you order.

Not the right mailing bags for you? View the full range of postal packaging.

Bags for mailing

Are you an eCommerce business that is looking to improve its packaging strategy? There has been a massive incline in e-commerce over the past five years or so. This means that online businesses are shipping more items than ever before.

Packaging is often more important than you think. A good packaging strategy will build a better relationship between you and your client. Firstly, it is important that the bags that you send your items in are going to protect the goods inside.

Customers who received well-packaged products are likely to shop with you again, failing to do this might be detrimental to your long-term success.

Our MailLite mailing bags are great for ecommerce looking to cut costs on shipping costs. The lightweight build of our mailer bags means that it will hardly weigh any extra. Inside of each mailer bag lies a lining of bubble wrap, giving your package superior protection from the hazards of transit. 

Secure Mail Bags 

Our mailer bags will be kept completely safe during their time in transit. Once your bag has been filled it is closed with a permanent seal giving you peace of mind over the security of your items.

Another advantage of having a permanent seal on your mail bags means that you and your customers will know if any items have been tampered with during delivery.

Each mailer bag is constructed with a layer of bubble wrap, making sure what is inside does not suffer from rain or damp weather conditions.  This is vital if you are sending, smaller more expensive items via the post. By investing in mailer bags your goods will arrive safely and undisturbed from dust, dirt and water damage.

MailLite Bubble Lined Envelopes

We recommend our Buy MailLite bubble lined envelopes as a cost efficient solution for shipping small goods.

Do you sell small, delicate items that need cared for during delivery? From jewellery like watches to sunglasses, by using small and secure mailing bags

MailLite postal bags will make your business more sustainable and will reduce your business’ need for cardboard boxes and packing tapes. If your business is using the correct materials it will reduce its supply costs without compromising on the protection of your products.

What Are Our Bags Made From?

At Big Brown Box we only sell quality, long lasting packaging supplies. Making sure your products get from A to B safely is at the top of our agenda.

Our MailLite postal bags are made with tough kraft paper and are lined with AirCap bubble material. The added layer of bubble material creates a special barrier that prevents air loss and offers long lasting, cushioning to your items.

Do you sell larger items that need to be sent in cardboard boxes?

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Our mail bags are extremely convenient for any size of business. Our MailLite postal bags have a unique easy opening tear strip for quick and easy opening. If you would like to find out more about or mail mags, packing boxes or packaging supplies, call us today!

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  • “Spot on delivery. We're quite remote here in Wales but you still managed a next day delivery well done.”
    D Henry, Wales

  • “Very happy with my boxes, bubble wrap and home moving kit. Thank you!”
    Mr Shepherd, Luton

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