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Protective Packaging

At Big Brown Box buy your protective packaging materials before 2pm Monday - Friday for next working day delivery.

Protective Packaging

Are you looking for packaging to wrap fragile or valuable items?

Do you need to protect your possessions from the bumps and knocks experienced during transit? Big Brown Box has all the necessary items to make this happen.

Buy protective packaging materials to ensure your valuable possessions are transported safely.

The protective packaging range includes a variety of products designed to give extra protection to your valuables whilst packing and moving home or shipping goods. The protective packaging materials can be used for both wrapping individual items, layering items and filling gaps in packing boxes to prevent your belongings from moving within the box.

The different packaging materials can be used on all sizes and shapes of furniture and valuables. Heavy duty polythene covers should be used to protect your sofas, armchairs and mattresses from damp, dust and dirt in your removal van or storage unit.

Paper packaging including newsprint sheets and acid free tissue paper is ideal for wrapping items that have delicate polished surfaces and glasses. You can also ‘scrunch up’ the paper to use as void fill in your packing boxes.

If you’re wrapping fragile items, we recommend using AirCap bubble wrap. AirCap bubble wrap has a barrier seal to offer increased cushioning and protection than standard bubble wrap. As bubble wrap is flexible, it can be used to wrap a number of items.

You can use foam wrap to provide a scratch-proof protective layer between items and is also ideal for protecting wooden surfaces including tabletops.

Not sure what protective packaging is best for you?
If you require any help selecting the most suitable protective packaging materials for your needs, do not hesitate to call us on 0845 604 6711 or by emailing and one of our team will be happy to help you.

Praise for Big Brown Box
  • “Spot on delivery. We're quite remote here in Wales but you still managed a next day delivery well done.”
    D Henry, Wales

  • “Very happy with my boxes, bubble wrap and home moving kit. Thank you!”
    Mr Shepherd, Luton

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