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Moving Out Your Old House Advice

There are many things that you can do that will help the people moving into your house settle in a little easier.

The following tips should also help to develop a good relationship with the new people – this is particularly important if you are relying on them to help you by doing things like forwarding mail to you.

1. Leave your house as you would hope to find it. We're not talking a full spring clean here but wiping ring marks from work surfaces, vacuuming up the dust from behind long-standing items after you've move them and giving the toilet a once-over goes such a long way to making people feel more comfortable with their new environment (remember they will have had a tough day of packing, lifting and travelling behind them already).

2. Empty your bins and write down the times and days of refuse recycling collections.

3. Leave out all the keys that relate to your property. The front door key goes without saying (as the agent will probably hold these) but keys for things such as sheds, greenhouses, outbuildings and more importantly, windows will need to be tagged so that your buyer knows which is which.

4. Make sure that all of your utilities - Gas, Water, & Electricity are switched off (not cut off). Leave operating instructions for things such as the central heating, gas fires and boilers and locations for things such as Stop Cocks for Gas and Water and Mains Switches for Electricity.

5. Point out locations of utility meters and take meter readings. Leave copies for your new buyers so that there can be no dispute for any utility settlement.

6. Do a quick check against your fixtures and fittings list. Your solicitor will provide you with a list to make sure you have left all that you said you would leave.

7. Leave a forwarding address. If you have chosen not to have your mail redirected by Royal Mail the new tenents will be able to forward mail to you.

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