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Packing Boxes for Moving House

Big Brown Box have all of the packing box and packaging supplies you will need for moving home or office!

We are the best packing box UK business! We offer low-cost packing boxes for moving home or office which can be delivered to your location by next day delivery.

Our packaging experts use their knowledge and vast experience of domestic and industrial packaging supplies to create the perfect packing kit. At Big Brown Box we supply everything you will need to secure your packing boxes for the removal process.

Moving Packing Boxes

Whether you are moving home, office or workshop, our moving packing boxes help eliminate any stress which may arise on the day. The last thing you will want on moving day is ripped, unstable boxes which could lead to breakages or even worse accidents.

There is a lot to organise before moving day. From arranging movers and packers to renting moving vans, make sure that you are ticking off packing moving boxes during the early stages of the process. It is recommended that you start packing for your new premise a few months ahead, making sure you are covering all grounds section by section, leaving your necessary goods until last minute.

When packing for moving home, many of our customers underestimate how many boxes they will need. We recommend that all of our customers carefully consider how much packing box space they will need – they should account for roughly 10% over that number.

It is human nature to underestimate requirements in any area. If you are stuck for boxes last minute, then we offer a next day delivery service for removal packing boxes which can help you tie up any last minute loose ends.

Heavy Duty Removal Packing Boxes

From small tea chest packing boxes to large packing boxes, we offer a full range of removal packing boxes.

Our high quality, durable heavy duty packing boxes offer value for money and security for your goods during their time in storage or transit. The last thing you want when you arrive at your new home is to find your precious belongings in tatters. At Big Brown Box our heavy duty removal packing boxes aim to give you piece of mind when it comes to the safety of your personal belongings.

As you will know the moving process often lasts longer than imagined, therefore it is important that your goods are protected for long-term storage – not just short term transit. The great thing about our heavy duty boxes is that they have been crafted to be the perfect cardboard box for moving, packing, storage and shipping.

Double Walled Packing Moving Boxes

 The quality of your boxes will make or break your move. At Big Brown Box we recommend that for house moving packing boxes, you always choose heavy duty removal boxes that have been made with the strongest double walled corrugated cardboard material. This type of box is almost fail-safe and there is very little chance that they will let you down on your moving day. Second-hand cardboard boxes should be avoided when you are looking for packing moving boxes. Would you risk your belongings safety during your move by using flimsy cardboard any other time? Make sure that you buy packing boxes that will protect your goods in the best way.

The Sustainable Packing Box Option

At Big Brown Box, we do everything we can to create sustainable options for our customers, as we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. Many of our customers ask us if our cardboard boxes are made from 100% biodegradable corrugate the answer to that question is yes.

Having boxes in a range of sizes will also help you stay sustainable during the moving process. Although we recommend heavy duty boxes for protection light duty packing boxes are particularly good for very light items.

We have thought our sustainability strategy through carefully and that is why the majority of our is cardboard is sourced locally as this keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum. Our cardboard packing boxes can be reused many times, and are particularly good for movers as they can be kept in storage for a number of months.

Ordering Your Packing Moving Boxes

Buy packing boxes online before 2pm Monday-Friday and we'll dispatch the same day, ensuring your packaging boxes are on a next working day delivery service. This is true no matter where you are located in the UK.

Praise for Big Brown Box
  • “Spot on delivery. We're quite remote here in Wales but you still managed a next day delivery well done.”
    D Henry, Wales

  • “Very happy with my boxes, bubble wrap and home moving kit. Thank you!”
    Mr Shepherd, Luton

We are specialists in home and office moving boxes, packaging and supplies.

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