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How to choose the right packing tape for sealing moving boxes

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Are you moving house or placing items into storage and looking for the best way to seal your boxes, ensuring your belongings remain secure in transit?

Choosing the right packing tape to seal your packing boxes is important. Using the wrong tape could cause your boxes to open, leak or even fall apart, causing damage to your valuable possessions.

We have heard of people using a number of different types of tapes to seal their packing boxes, including duct tape and masking tape. However, these tapes are not ideal for securing cardboard boxes. Firstly, although duct tape is very strong, it does not withstand changes in temperature so may come away from the box. Masking tape is not strong enough to hold heavy loads which means your boxes may collapse under the weight.

What is the best packing tape to seal moving boxes?

The best tape to use to seal moving boxes is brown packing tape.

Brown packing tape is strong and waterproof to withstand heavy loads in your boxes. Packing tape also offers long-lasting adhesion to keep your boxes sealed securely for a long time – especially important if you’re placing items into storage.

As the boxes may be in a removal van overnight or even in a cold storage unit long term, it is important to use packing tape as it can withstand changes in temperature.

Although packing tape can be applied by hand, it is easier and quicker for you if you use a tape dispenser gun to seal your boxes.

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