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Top Tips For Moving House in Winter

Are you packing and planning a house move this winter?

Moving is stressful at any time of the year but moving house in winter comes with additional hurdles to a successful move. These hurdles mainly come in the form of wintry weather conditions which can cause problems on the pavements and roads for the removal men.

However, moving house in wintertime can also boast advantages over moving in the spring/summer. Firstly, as the winter tends to be ‘off season’ for removals, there are more moving services available. As a result, removal companies will often reduce their prices so moving in the winter can also be cheaper for you.

If you’re moving house in winter, Big Brown Box recommend you read our top tips below on how best to move with as little as stress as possible.

  1. Check the weather forecast. If the weather forecast is for snow, hail or sub-zero temperatures we recommend that you put grit the driveway, path and steps at both your current home and your new home to prevent anyone slipping when carrying heavy moving boxes.
  2. Make sure you have heating on in your new house. It would be beneficial if you can speak to the vendors to request that they leave the heating on low so that the new house isn’t freezing when you arrive. If there is a period of time when the house will be empty, leaving the heating on low will also prevent the pipes freezing which can cause you major problems at your new house.
  3. Buy weatherproof packaging materials. Make sure you have purchased heavy duty protective polythene covers for your sofas, armchairs and mattresses. This will protect them against rain or snow as well as damp, dirt and dust in the removal van.
  4. Use heavy duty moving boxes. We always recommend you purchase unused heavy duty moving boxes. Used boxes that you could pick up from the local supermarket or shop may not be as durable and may be more susceptible to collapsing if they get damp or wet.
  5. Think about your floors. You should also consider what flooring you have in your new house. Moving in winter can mean many people traipsing through your house with wet or muddy shoes. If you have light coloured carpets or laminate floors we advise you inform your removal company of this. This allows them to put appropriate covers on the floors which will limit damage to the carpets and prevent people slipping on the laminate floors.
  6. Pack a survival kit. No matter the time of year of your move, we always recommend packing a survival kit. However, the contents of your survival kit will vary in the winter. Make sure you have a kettle in your survival kit with plenty tea, coffee and soup. This helps warm you up in the cold weather. You should also pack extra jumpers, socks and a scarf in your survival kit. This is especially important if you have not been able to arrange to have the heating kept on in your new house.

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Moving house in winter

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