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Creative Uses For Bubble Wrap

Have you just finished unpacking after moving house and find yourself with leftover bubble wrap?

Don’t pop it, no matter how hard it is to resist!

Bubble wrap is an extremely versatile product which can be put to many clever uses around the house and in the garden – it’s not just great for protecting your valuables in transit or relieving some stress by popping it!

Check out the ideas below for a list of creative uses for bubble wrap from Big Brown Box:

  1. Insulate your windows. During the winter months, bubble wrap is a great way to insulate drafty windows. Applying the bubble wrap to the window couldn’t be easier either. All you need to do is cut the bubble wrap to the correct size to fit your window, spray the window with water and press the smooth side of the bubble wrap onto the glass. The bubble wrap will stick straight away and will not leave any residue on the windows when you remove it.
  2. Protect your car windscreen. Bubble wrap also makes a great frost guard for your car windscreen. Simply put a layer of bubble wrap over the windscreen at night which will prevent frost from building up overnight so you do not need the scrape the windscreen in the morning.
  3. Keep your pets warm. Bubble wrap can also be used to insulate your cat’s favourite cardboard box or your dog’s outdoor kennel. A bubble wrap lining provides a valuable layer of insulation to keep your pet warm in the winter months.
  4. Insulate your drinks. Use bubble wrap to insulate your cup holder in your car so you can keep your drinks hot or cold when out on the road.
  5. Protect your plants in winter. If you have a lot of outdoor plants in pots you should use bubble wrap to wrap the pots, keeping the soil warm and frost-free.
  6. Get a better night’s sleep! If you love a camping trip but can struggle to get to sleep lying on the hard ground, lay down a layer of bubble wrap before pitching your tent. This will provide an additional layer of protection from any moisture in the ground as well as acting like an air mattress under your sleeping bag for a comfier sleep.

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Clever uses for bubble wrap

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