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Why Label Packing Boxes When Moving House

Moving into a new house or flat is a time consuming and stressful task. However, being organised and keeping on top of things can help the process greatly.

Big Brown Box recommend you develop a system to label packing boxes which will make unpacking at the other end so much easier.

The simplest and most common way to label packing boxes is with a permanent marker pen and mark the outside of the box with the destination room in your new house. It is also beneficial for you to write the contents on the box so you can locate items quickly and easily. If the box contains a number of different items and it is too much to write all the contents on the outside of the box, you can number the boxes and keep an inventory in a pad to cross reference. Just make sure you don’t lose your pad!

It’s also easier to locate the boxes if you have marked at least three sides of the box. Labelling just one or two sides will not allow you to quickly identify the contents or where the box belongs. Efficient labelling speeds your move and your unpacking time. The sooner you are able to locate your possessions, the sooner you can settle in and enjoy your new home.

At some point during your move, your packing boxes will be exposed to the elements. It is therefore very important to ensure that the ink does not smudge or run in the rain or snow (this is especially important given the British weather!). The best to protect the ink is by covering the ink with a clear tape once the ink is dry on the box.

Although you may not think it as necessary, a marker pen is an essential accessory for moving house or office.

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Pallet wrapping machines can also help you secure your boxes

pallet wrappers

Permanent markers for labelling boxes

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  1. A very good post. Since I have nothing more to add about box labelling, I’d like to say that colour coding your boxes is just as important as labelling them. A proper colour coding system will help you or your movers when your move is over. You don’t have to read the contents of each box to know what room it belongs to. Just look at the colour. This makes things a lot easier and will speed up the process of unloading.

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