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Top Tips on Unpacking After a Move

Moving house is time consuming and sometimes it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

However, if you have planned properly, you can save a lot of time.

We have written a lot of information and guides on how best to pack your belongings safely prior to moving house. Today, we are going to turn your attention to the best way to unpack when you reach your new home. Reading our top tips on unpacking after a move will speed up the unpacking process, ensuring you can enjoy your new surroundings sooner.

Before the day of your move, make sure you have cleaned, dusted and hoovered every room in the house. It’s much easier to clean thoroughly when you have space and don’t have to work around moving boxes and furniture.

When packing your moving boxes, we strongly advise that you label your boxes with the destination room in your new house. This is to help you when you reach your new house. When taking the boxes off your removal van, ensure they are all placed in the correct room in your new house. This should be easy if all the boxes are labelled properly.

Do not start unpacking any boxes until all the boxes are off the van and in the right room! Once you are happy all the boxes are correctly placed, you can start unpacking.

It is recommended you unpack all the boxes in one room before moving on to the next. Therefore, it is important you have done some planning and have a strategy for the order in which you are going to tackle the rooms.

It is best to start packing the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms before you start working on the public rooms. Generally, it is more likely that you will need the items in these rooms more urgently and frequently than the items in the public rooms. This is especially important if you are unpacking later on in the day and are not likely to finish all the unpacking in the one day. The public rooms, garage and garden items can then be unpacked the following day.

Unpacking at your new house isn’t particularly hard or difficult but it can be made a lot quicker and easier with some planning and organisation. Following the simple guide above will allow you to settle in and enjoy your new surroundings quicker than you may think is possible!

Be organised when unpacking



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