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What to Pack in a ‘Survival Kit’ for Kids When Moving

Moving to a new home can be a very scary experience for young children so it is important to comfort them as much as possible during the move.

One way to make them feel involved in the packing process and to reassure that they don’t have to leave all their toys behind is to allow the kids to pack a survival kit for the move.

What should be in the survival kit?

The difference between your survival pack and the kids one is that yours will be boring, make sure the kids’ survival kit is all about fun!

Before anything is packed you can get them to decorate the outside of the cardboard box so that their survival kit is personal to them.

Another great way to involve them in the packing process is to allow the kids to choose their top 5 items including toys, books and games as well as any comfort blankets or cuddly toys to include in the survival kit. This should ensure that your kids are able to keep themselves entertained both before and immediately after the move so you can get on with some packing/unpacking.

To ensure their survival kit box contains only fun items, normal items included in a survival kit for moving such as toiletries, clothing and snacks should be packed in a separate suitcase/bag. However, to keep the kids involved, you can ask that they look out and sort the items into the case.

Allowing your kids to pack their favourite items and giving them access to them straight away after you have moved house should ensure that the new house does become a home and the kids will settle quickly.

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