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Do you pull your weight when moving house?

Have you equally shared the burden of moving house with your partner?

As anyone who has planned a move will know, moving house is one of the most stressful experiences in life. But the question is, who is the most likely to suffer the stress in your house?

Research carried out by has revealed the different tasks and roles assumed by the man and woman of the house when moving house.

Overall, the decision to move and where to move to is a joint decision for the majority of couples. However, this does actually depend on age. The research shows that as we get older, the more likely we are to consult with our partners with the younger generation (16-24 year olds) the least likely to make a joint to move house whereas 55% of couples aged 55+ will involve their partner or spouse when deciding to move house.

The results show that while men are happy to buy moving boxes and organise the removal company, they appear less happy to actually carry out the physical task of packing the boxes! Only 39% of men will take charge of packing boxes when moving house compared to 54% of women.

Men do however take the lead when it comes to dealing with the finances for the new house. 52% of men take responsibility for managing the money ahead of the move compared with just 42% of women.

However, responsibilities are more evenly split when it comes to informing current utility companies about your move and also organising the bills at the new house.

Whoever is taking responsibility for the tasks in your house, Big Brown Box has helped make the process of moving house easier with the Moving House Checklist. The moving house checklist outlines the main tasks which need to be undertaken and the people/companies you should contact and gives you the chance to sign off each task. This ensures you can share the load and the stress during your move!

To download the Big Brown Box moving checklist, click the link below:

Big Brown Box Moving Checklist

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